Animal Contest Finalists


Earlier this month we started a new animal concept contest on our Facebook. We asked followers on our page to submit an animal that is not in our current catalog. After receiving over 120 submissions in just a few days, we had to choose finalists for physical pieces to be created. Due to the influx of submissions, we had a really hard time trying to decide who would inevitably be our top 3. Since we received so many great ideas, we ended up choosing a top 5 instead. We spent all week between when submissions ended until today, sketching and putting together pieces we thought would work well. These were the 5 chosen that we felt would work best with our designs: elephant, bumble bee, cow, fox, and penguin!

Voting begins today on our Facebook page and will last until October 20th at midnight. The individual who submitted the idea first was given credit for the concept. At the end of the voting period, the animal with the most likes & shares on the Facebook album will win! The creator of the concept will then win their piece and one voter on the winning photo will be chosen at random to receive a Jenni K gift card! (Click here to go to our Facebook page to vote)

One of our favorite things is to get input from customers on ideas they have and pieces they would like to wear. We want to thank everyone for submitting their ideas and hope that you will participate in another contest similar to this one in the future!

Elephant-1 Bee Cow Fox Penguin