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  • Is it time to Deep Clean your jewelry?

    About once a year, we recommend that customers bring in their jewelry for a deep cleaning or what we like to call tumble. For a small fee, this 15 minute process will clean your jewelry and leave it sparkling. This is a great option to keep in mind, especially if your jewelry has tarnished because […]

  • What Exactly does Gold Filled mean?

    Gold filled is an alloy of 14K gold which is fused with a base metal usually brass.  The final piece, if it were melted down, would equal 5% pure gold.  Gold filled jewelry is an economical alternative to solid gold and is so durable that the gold can last anywhere from 5 – 30 years […]

  • Ask Ava – When will my order be ready?

    Hi!  Ava here to tell you about the online ordering process. You have just ordered a fabulous piece of jewelry online and are now wondering what’s next and when will you receive your order. I’m here to tell you that from the moment you hit “purchase,” your order is being processed. Make sure to provide […]

  • Miska Monday!

    Hi! Today I got taken on a great walk! It feels so good outside now since its warmer and I can roll around in the green grass! Come to the store and say hi, right now we’re having our Spring Clearance Sale and its awesome! You can save up to 70% off on some really […]

  • Generosity circles back by John Holter Music Cuff links

    Sometimes we come across amazing stories that we get to do special pieces for! Please read below for one that we got to make special music cuff links. GENEROSITY CIRCLES BACK In the summer of 1972, I had just finished my freshman year at Allegheny College, and joined PEER, a student run summer day camp […]

  • Animal Contest Finalists

      Earlier this month we started a new animal concept contest on our Facebook. We asked followers on our page to submit an animal that is not in our current catalog. After receiving over 120 submissions in just a few days, we had to choose finalists for physical pieces to be created. Due to the influx […]

  • Be a Jeweler for a Day!

    Every year there is the Blue Jean Ball that benefits Greenville NC’s The Oakwood School. One of the items up for auction was to “Be a Jeweler for a Day” at our store and this year’s winner was Cynthia Dunn! Cynthia came in on September 28th and spent half the day with us creating her […]

  • Your Guide to the Half-Off Sale!

    Get here early! Once one of a kind items are sold in the store, they’re gone! We do NOT take orders for custom pieces during the sale! All purchases are FINAL! There are no exchanges or store credits given to items purchased in August. There are NO exceptions to this policy. Look online before coming […]