Ask Ava – When will my order be ready?

Today’s question: When will my order be ready?

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Ava here! I’m here today to tell you all about the processing time of an order through the website. From the moment you hit “purchase”, your order has begun! Make sure to use an email during checkout that you monitor because we will send two emails between the time you place the order and the time your package is sent out*. The first email is to verify that we have received your order and that it is being processed. The second email is to let you know that everything has been completed and that your package will be sent out shortly! Once a completion email is sent out UPS will send you a tracking number for your order. Depending on the items that you have purchased, processing times can vary from order to order. If we have all of the items made in the store, your jewelry should be out within the next few days. Occasionally we are have to make items before sending them out, so that can cause a slightly longer processing time!

If you ever have any questions regarding the status of your order, you can call the store at 252-355-6714 or send an email to

*If you have chosen “in-store pick up”, we will still send both emails as well as give you a call when it is ready to be picked up.