• Your Guide to the August Half-Off Sale!

    All Sales are FINAL! There are no exchanges, no store credits, or no cash or credit card refunds given. There are NO exceptions to this policy. Get here early! Once one-of-a-kind items are sold in the store, they’re gone! We do NOT take custom orders during the August sale. We do NOT clean, repair, or […]

  • Is it time to Deep Clean your jewelry?

    About once a year, we recommend that customers bring in their jewelry for a deep cleaning or what we like to call tumble. For a small fee, this 15 minute process will clean your jewelry and leave it sparkling. This is a great option to keep in mind, especially if your jewelry has tarnished because […]

  • What Exactly does Gold Filled mean?

    Gold filled is an alloy of 14K gold which is fused with a base metal usually brass.  The final piece, if it were melted down, would equal 5% pure gold.  Gold filled jewelry is an economical alternative to solid gold and is so durable that the gold can last anywhere from 5 – 30 years […]

  • Ask Ava – When will my order be ready?

    Hi!  Ava here to tell you about the online ordering process. You have just ordered a fabulous piece of jewelry online and are now wondering what’s next and when will you receive your order. I’m here to tell you that from the moment you hit “purchase,” your order is being processed. Make sure to provide […]