Is it time to Deep Clean your jewelry?

About once a year, we recommend that customers bring in their jewelry for a deep cleaning or what we like to call tumble. For a small fee, this 15 minute process will clean your jewelry and leave it sparkling. This is a great option to keep in mind, especially if your jewelry has tarnished because you may have accidentally worn it in a swimming pool or perhaps exposed your jewelry to chemicals while cleaning. We do not recommend tumbling any jewelry with gemstones as this process can crack and damage the stone.

A tumbler sits on an electric motorized bed that turns the container for a designated amount of time. Steel shots are put in the container with Dawn dish washing soap and more than enough water to cover the steel shots. After 15 minutes of spinning, the jewelry is removed, rinsed under cool water, and then put out to dry for up to 24 hours. Jewelry can quickly tarnish if it is put away in a pouch or plastic bag while still wet. You will be so pleased with your tumbled jewelry and it will look brand new.