Your Guide to the Half-Off Sale!

  1. Get here early! Once one of a kind items are sold in the store, they’re gone!
  2. We do NOT take orders for custom pieces during the sale!
  3. All purchases are FINAL! There are no exchanges or store credits given to items purchased in August. There are NO exceptions to this policy.
  4. Look online before coming into the store. We have a variety of styles online that you can check out at home before coming in. If you find something that you like, you can always write down the item number (Ex: BD-42) and bring a shopping list into the store.
  5. Allow time for your items to arrive if you’ve ordered online. We occasionally do not have certain items made when an order is placed. When this happens we make your item based on the order it is received. We have such a high volume of orders in August that we do not promise anything until September. Please be patient with us! We are trying to get your jewelry out to you as soon as possible.
  6. Baby K is unfortunately not included in the half-price sale. BabyK bracelets are made at 5.5 inches and we will add onto them for FREE until they are the standard adult length of 7 inches. Due to the additions made to BabyK at no charge, this line of items is never included in sales or promotions. You can still purchase BabyK during August but it will be the normal retail price.
  7. We do not clean, repair or add on to jewelry during the half-price sale. All of our time is devoted to making items for customers, if you bring in items for these reasons we will hold it and have it completed in September. However, once the sale is over you can bring in your jewelry for any of these needs!
  8. We put out new items everyday! If you visit us once and can’t seem to find anything that you like, come back again because we will likely have a variety of new items.
  9. Oh no! You’ve found a bracelet that you love but there is not a matching necklace in-store or in the online catalog. You can purchase 3 bracelets at 50% off each and pay a labor charge of $10 to have them made into a matching necklace. We do ask that you bring the bracelets back in September to be made into your necklace, due to our no custom orders/repairs policy during the sale.